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The Girl Who Kept Falling In Love

The Girl Who Kept Falling In Love by Rheea Mukherjee Publisher: Penguin (2023) ‘The Girl Who Kept Falling In Love’ is essentially the collage of the...


Something Borrowed Something Blue

Something Borrowed Something Blue by Nandita Bose Publisher: Rubric Publishing (2022) 'Something Borrowed Something Blue' comes in a hardback with hues of red, white and yellow against...



Everglow by Nandita Bose Publisher: Rupa Publications (2019) Mastering the Alphabet of Love In the words of the French composer, Claude Debussy, Music is the silence between the...


Mexican Gothic

Mexican Gothic by Silvia Moreno-Garcia Publisher: Del Rey (2020) One of the most anticipated horror novels this year, Mexican Gothic is a fascinating and intriguing story set...


A Full Circle



Are Your Emotions Like Mine?

Bangalore Blues

Before Goddess

Before We Visit the Goddess

Bombay Balchao

Breaking Free: A Novel