The Tale of Makkhilal


The Tale of Makkhilal
by Geeta Dharmarajan (Art by Charbak Dipta)
Publisher: Katha Books (2020)

Makkhilal is a fly in a place called Makkhipuri. He is like a God to all the people there. The people give prasad to him every day and leave their food open for Makkhilal to taste. They also let him and the other flies sit on their babies’ eyes and face. All the people thought that the fly was very kind. But everyone was falling sick and dying. Oh no! It was the fly’s wicked trick.

Then one day, Doctor Saab came. She ordered an inquilab and shooed the flies away. She said the flies will spread diseases. Everyone lay down to die because they were scared that the fly God will curse them. Yay!! They did not die! Why? Because they were healthy now. The moral of the story is you must know what is good or bad.

I liked this book because the art was fascinating and colourful. The story was like a poem and rhyme. The moral was lovely. I enjoyed the fun facts at the end. I loved the story very much. It taught me important stuff about health.

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