Tom Gates #19: Random Acts of Fun


Tom Gates #19: Random Acts of Fun
by Liz Pichon
Publisher: Scholastic UK (2021)

This book, The 19th book in the Tom Gates series, is a funny situation where Tom is the only one in school who doesn’t know about the new bakery in town – and all the worse for him because he just LOVES caramel doughnuts, which the bakery specializes in. So when he gets a chance to go to the new bakery with all his school friends, how can he say no? But his luck turns for the worst when a bunch of kids from the neighbouring school beat them to get in the long line first. And worst of all, there are only four caramel doughnuts left! But luckily, Tom scrapes through the line and gets them. He does a little jump for joy in celebration and ends up falling and fracturing his ankle. He has six weeks to rest, which is full of pros and cons for him.

PRO- He gets to rest and watch TV all day (or most of the day)

CON- He has to bear with his annoying sister Delia

PRO- He gets to doodle on his plaster cast and tell heroic stories to people about how he fractured his ankle

CON- His sister Delia beats him to the washroom first and takes extra long to annoy him

And much more!

But he also really misses eating caramel doughnuts and sometimes feels lonely. But that gets solved when his dad’s important client comes and does crazy stuff like eating sugar from the bowl. He does some things he is not allowed to and takes something he was not supposed to. But when his dad finds out, Tom lets him keep it! But in return for the favour, he must do something to pay Tom back. Will he pay Tom back, and will Tom ever get to try a caramel doughnut? Read the book to find out!

I would rate this book ten out of ten because it is fun, and something everyone can relate to. The doodles in the book help me get a sense of what Tom as a person is like and the humorous edge he lends to every situation. This book would appeal from ages five to ages eleven.

I hope you enjoy reading this book!


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