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The Girl Who Kept Falling In Love

The Girl Who Kept Falling In Love by Rheea Mukherjee Publisher: Penguin (2023) ‘The Girl Who Kept Falling In Love’ is essentially the collage of the...


Bangalore Blues

Bangalore Blues by Kirtana Kumar Published: 2023 When you get hold of Bangalore Blues, the ‘lore’ printed in blue shouts for attention. The book aims to be...


Something Borrowed Something Blue

Something Borrowed Something Blue by Nandita Bose Publisher: Rubric Publishing (2022) 'Something Borrowed Something Blue' comes in a hardback with hues of red, white and yellow against...


The Alchemy of Secrets

The Alchemy of Secrets by Priya Balasubramanian Publisher: Tranquebar (2020) When I was given a choice by Atta Galatta to select a book to review, the Bangalorean...


A Full Circle



Are Your Emotions Like Mine?

Bangalore Blues

Before Goddess

Before We Visit the Goddess

Bombay Balchao

Breaking Free: A Novel