War, People & Nature: Exploring intersections through zine-making
Zine Making Workshop

Current Conservation Magazine

09-Dec | 11:00 am

Join us for a hands-on workshop where art becomes a powerful lens to delve into the intricate connections between war, humanity, and the environment. Through the medium of zine-making, we will explore the profound interplay between humanitarian and biodiversity crises. We aim to cultivate a deeper understanding that environmental justice is inseparable from social justice. Registration is mandatory as there are limited seats only. Read More..

Streaming Poetry - Coding Couplets And More
Poetry Workshop

Ayesha Banerjee

10-Dec | 12:00 pm

Welcome to this one-of-a-kind poetry workshop for children, conducted by published poet and award-winning screenwriter/filmmaker, Ayesha Banerjee, where children are introduced to poetry as a means of expression, healing, and communication - with both themselves and the world around. The short objectives of the workshop are as follows: Exploring the power of poetry Poetry as an emotional expression tool Effective communication Poetry as a self-healing tool Threading the arts: Poetry-Art-Story telling. Bringing along your favourite poem is encouraged! Suitable for child Read More..

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