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Creativity & Theatre Orientation

Yours Truly Theatre

22-Nov | 03:00 pm

A perfect opportunity to reconnect with your inner child and unleash your creativity! This workshop is suitable for anyone in the creative field, newcomers to creativity, or those who might be looking to explore their creative side. Indulge yourself in two hours of unbridled joy within a safe and non-judgmental environment. Join us to meet like-minded individuals, build connections with artists, storytellers, musicians, and theatre professionals and connect with people from all walks of life. Age is no barrier to participation. Read More..

Drawing The Lines
Interactive Theatre Performance on POSH

Yours Truly Theatre

30-Nov | 03:00 pm

If you or your organisation is looking for an engaging and interactive way to raise awareness towards POSH (Prevention of sexual harassment at the workplace), then this event is tailor-made for you! Join us for a compelling theatre performance where you can actively participate in the scenes and take part in crucial discussions on how employees, managers, and leaders can effectively define and promote safe and inclusive workplaces. Read More..

Creativity & Theatre Orientation Workshop

Yours Truly Theatre

19-Jan | 03:00 pm

Wondering why you should be there? 🤔 This orientation is a great opportunity to break free from the routine, discover the artist within you and explore your creativity. And the best part? No experience is needed – just bring your enthusiasm and an open mind! This 2-hour orientation is open for anyone in the creative field or those looking to explore their creative side. Age is no barrier to participation. Read More..

Inspire Inclusion
An Interactive Theatre showcase for Women’s Day

Yours Truly Theatre

17-Feb | 03:00 pm

If you are looking to an impactful employee engagement for upcoming Women’s Day, this is your invitation to join us for this showcase. A hands-on experience of the performance and get a chance to speak to our team and book a date. Small and medium size companies can consider sending their employees, HR, Managers and leaders to this event. This session is on the International Women’s Day 2024 theme of Invest in Women and invites all stakeholders to not just speak about women inclusion but take strong steps in terms of policies and processes. Moreover, invest in more than one w Read More..

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