Meenu Sivaramakrishnan


Mythology Marvels - Wondrous Indian Winter
Storytime for Children and Families

Lavanya Prasad, Meenu Sivaramakrishnan,

09-Dec | 02:30 pm

Indian Mythology is full of answers to the many whys of our culture. Join Lavanya Prasad and Meenu Sivaramakrishnan, as they explore and bring forth the marvellous stories from the Indian Mythology through music, dance and theatre. The month of December, also known as Margazhi or Dhanur, is considered the month dear to Krishna. The holy month is the time when devotion is experienced through music, dance and bhajans all across India. The hindu mythology has amazing answers that help us relate to this through fascinating tales of devotion. Do not miss this session that gives you a glimps Read More..

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