Art-Literature Space

In a venture to bring back the residents of Bangalore to their roots, we here at Atta Galatta
strive to host events that are unique in their nature

From book-readings in Tanglish ( a fusion of Tamil and English) to art exhibits, poetry performances, dance classes, film screenings and plays there is not a single boring day when visiting here.

Atta Galatta as a venue for events has grown leaps and bounds since it opened its doors in 2012. It has grown into a platform for artistes to interact with their audience in an intimate and informal setting, while remaining a venue for serious literature and art. Our calendar of events boasts a constant stream of programming by both well known and up coming artists, performing and teaching their crafts.

In the past 6 years, Atta Galatta has hosted almost 2000 events. This has created a vibrant community of artistes and audiences that has helped us grow from just a brick and mortar venue, to a brand that is well recognized in the city.