Books by Atta Galatta

Atta Galatta  forayed into the realm of publishing in 2016, with the launch of its first compilation of Hindi poetry- Karnakavita. Since then Atta Galatta has gone on to publish five more titles and more are on their way.


Karnakavita, edited by Sourav Roy is an anthology of Hindi and Urdu poetry from Bangalore. Despite living in a non-Hindi speaking region, these are poets who, either in isolation, or in small groups, are experimenting with the language they dearly love. 'Karnakavita' is an honest and humble attempt to encourage both poets and readers of the Hindi language. We hope this collective is able to converse with its readers and paves way for a more vibrant and active scene for Hindi poetry in the city.

Kuch Pyar Kuch Tadap

Kuch Pyar Kuch Tadap is the bilingual poetry collection of veteran theatre actress Padmavati Rao.Kuch Pyaar Kuch Tadap- Of Love and Longing We live in a world where strife prevails as a norm and war surrounds us however surreptitiously, through ideas like competition, propriety, work, progress, the proverbial rat race or the need to climb the ladder of success. This book is both a celebration and a medium to mourn over that sometimes elusive, oft ephemeral, almost always exuberant, enchanting, evocative and inspiring force called love. The English version is a translation of the Hindi original which holds the potential to become songs and is a tribute to the lyricists of old Bollywood films.

Jest Like That

Jest like that is a collection of comedic short stories edited by Shinie Antony. It features the work of writers like Milan Vohra, Aruna Nambiar and veteran newspaper columnist Bacchi Karkaria.


Dewed is romance author Nandita Bose’s debut poetry collection, featuring explorations of love and longing.

Three Halves

Three Halves is the second poetry collection of poet Amruta Dongray. Known for her work in the poetry community and hosting monthly meet ups in Bangalore, her book is a celebration of life.