A book holds a thousand memories within its pages. Books that have the essence of our origin and our culture are the ones that unfailingly captivate us.

A collection of about 12,000 titles of books of various genres and languages speaks volumes of the purpose of Atta Galatta. In our attempt to make the highly acclaimed volumes of the Indian writers available to the Bangaloreans, we have collaborated with the experts of regional languages and sought help from them to draw a great list of books in languages as varied as Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and Bengali.

Atta Galatta aims to connect you back to your roots, whether its finding an unknown book by an Indian author and giving it some love or bringing your parents or grandparents to peruse through books that remind them of their home, we try to sum up the literary and cultural history of India with our collection.

Tucked away in a bustling building in Koramangala, Atta Galatta provides you with a wholesome experience, a bubble in which time stands still, where you can explore the facets of Indian culture right from your table. You can find yourself reading about much debated politics, rom- coms set in bustling metropolises or cookbooks capturing the essence of remote cuisines.